MaxaMom Events

Our events are empowering and free!

MaxaMom Events specialize in creating events to bring the heroes of your community together. Contact us to throw an empowering event for your neighborhood!

Summer Months

These photos are from our Family-Friendly 5ks hosted in Farmington.

  • Here's a route map.
  • Here's an example of a promotional flier.
  • Here's an example of a Completion Certificate.
  • Park Rangers Heroics

    This material is from our March Event at the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge! We learned about the daily heroism on the first nice day of spring!

  • Here's an activity we did.
  • Here's an informational handout.
  • Chasing the Blues January Event

    In January, we got an exclusive tour at the police department and got to play with police dogs!

  • Here is the promotional flier
  • Here is a script for the event.
  • Here is a discount certificate for the event.
  • Love vs. Helicopters in the Air

    Our Valentine's Day Events had been held at the Airforce Base with Blackhawk Helicopters. Playng in helicopters is always more fun than going out to a lame dinner!

  • Here is the script we used.
  • Here is a flier given out.
  • Photo-Bombing the Fire Department

    In December we met with our local firefighters and learned about how to be safe! Everyone left empowered and had a blast in the fire-truck!

  • Here is a script we used.
  • Here is a promotional flier.
  • Here is a discount certificate for the event.
  • Caponi Art Park Halloween

    We hosted events at a local park for their Halloween Event. We made super hero bracelets, came up with hero alter-egos and had an all around good time!

  • Here is a script we used.
  • Here is training material for our volunteers.
  • MaxaMom Events was founded in the Twin Cities in 2012. We work with heroes and child friendly businesses in the area to help moms be the awesomest they can be!

    What is a MaxaMom?

    Max • a • mom /mæksəməm/:

    A mother who acts as somebody's hero by accomplishing daily acts of valor, many of which are unnoticed.